I just came to say hello.

Firstly, welcome! here we go again. another day, another blog, but this time, I absolutely promise, not one bit of Lycra will be worn during this chapter. Well, apart from some huge pants I may need to contain everything that’s growing now the trainers have been put away for a while.
I learnt of the word ‘gunt’ recently and I’d love to talk about that more in detail one day. Remember that time I said Camel Toe on Radio Wales? My mother does! I’m weirdly obsessed with wrongly shaped anatomy apparently… must be because I’m the proud owner of a lop sided vagina myself… anyway, I digress! So…
Obviously, we all know this no Lycra malarkey is a bit of a lie, aside from Hannah the person, I am Hannah the runner, I say that in a Russell Crowe- gladiatorial manner, and I’m sure when I’ve healed from my little ‘bump’ I’ll be pounding the pavements once more. (This is like a disclaimer type of thing!)
Anyway, back to the welcome. Back to the bump, the bump that gave me the massive shake up I’ve needed for quite some time by the seems. I’ve HAD to take a break from running, from work, from real life in general and this has had a bit of a ‘oh my goodness, something has to give’ effect.
So, those of you that know me, will probably know me because of No Run Intended and if this is the case, you will know that I’m an too honest, unstable, sometimes funny human being that has a penchant for alcohol and likes to write everything down.
You see, up until recently, like 24 hours ago, I assumed running had been the one consistency in my life, apart from gin and my love for Tom Hardy (both the actor and the dog) but I had it all wrong.
Before running there was a writer. OK, not a brilliant writer, but someone who’s words make people laugh and cry (I have the bad reviews to prove this!) and it hit me, much like epiphany’s do, like a full force punch in the face, that’s what I think I’m meant to be doing.
I genuinely think I was put on this Earth to, both, worry the shit out of my mother and entertain.
There I’ve said it, out loud, it’s out there and now the work begins.
I have a plan. A plan that’s all scratchy but with a fair sense of direction. A plan that needs work, because being funny in a book, on a tweet or a Facebook status, is completely different to making the so-called real humans laugh and cry.
So, you heard it here first, the Finding sexy, No Run Intended, Mother of Tom Hardy (not the actor) one woman show begins.
Oprah says, ‘Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. You become what you believe’ And if anyone knows what they are taking about it’s our Oprah right? oprah

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