Run to walk, walk to run, here we go again.

‘Do not be afraid of being a beginner.’

Now, I know I said there’d be absolutely no mention of Lycra on this blog, but given it’s kind of running that got me an audience in the first place, I thought I’d just let you all know where I’m at.

Apparently, in terms of psychology, there are two major good times to take up a new habit.
There’s January. Which is the obvious one, but then there’s September, the one that makes more sense.
September is nice. Autumn brings with it change. It’s marks the start of a new academic year, the start of leaves falling, warmer clothing, less sweating and generally an easier time for us parents who have just scraped through six weeks of our little darlings being home!
When I started to run, way back when, I was overweight and childless and somehow, I found it tricky to find the time to get my trainers on. Granted I was working full time, had a geriatric dog to take care of and a social life to contend with. These are hysterical notions now.
Now, I have a job, a child, a dog and a puppy that’s probably more like a cow than a dog, time is spent referring animals, wiping my child free of paint or chocolate or more recently, lipstick. There’s a never-ending washing basket, a floor that always needs mopping, an email that needs answering, not to mention a reality TV show that needs watching.
Yet, I know I have to start again.
I have to leave the house, in a pair of trainers and start to run again after injury, after nearly two months out, after weight gain and loosing my mojo and the vulnerability that comes with being out of action for quite some time.
So, where do I start? How do I start? When do I start?
Luckily, for me, being a Run Wales activator means I have the resources to run. But it’s not always that easy, is it?
I could download the couch to 5k app this afternoon, put my trainers on and see what happens? I could go to the gym and see how long I manage on the treadmill before declaring that I’m ready to go to parkrun! I could just turn up to parkrun on Saturday and see if I’m even capable of a 5k, or I could look for a new walk to run programme, commit to ten or twelve weeks of running with people who also want to start or start again.
Luckily for me, and for you if you want to begin running and are in the Cardiff area, Whitchurch Social Running Group are starting a brand-new walk to run, commencing September 18th which, not only gives me some time to get my gait re-looked at, practice putting my sports bra on again and maybe buy a cheeky new pair of shorts, but it gives me a bit more purpose.
It’ll have structure and a plan to follow, which means I’ll be heading back into running the absolutely right way, there’ll be support, it’ll be social and hopefully ten weeks later I’ll be able to run Cardiff parkrun comfortably and celebrate with the gang that’s starting this journey with me!
So, if you or anyone you know is interested in starting to run, or starting again, please check out the Facebook event page or alternatively drop me an email on
I’ll be there, every step of the way to hold your hand (not literally, unless you don’t mind a sweaty palm) every step of the 5k!
And if you’re curious to how this pans out, but not quite brave enough, keep an eye on my updates via the Run Wales social media channels.


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