100 days of funny.

A few years ago, I participated in 100 days of happy.
Basically, for 100 days I had to name one thing that made me happy.
I documented this on my social media platforms and the whole experiment, made me happy!
OK, it made me happy sometimes but very grateful for the entirety of the project. It’ crazy how we take the small nuggets of happiness for granted and how we miss things that are potentially happy triggers, if that makes sense, because we are caught up on the big stuff.

Apparently, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit, and I genuinely believe that after a month, happiness became easier to find.
A good friend told me once, that we can’t strive for constant happiness, but if we are grounded, happy is easier to see, feel, achieve and I’ve been trying to live by this, and it sort of works.
I’ve had a rough few months, physically and mentally. I had a bump back in the summer and it’s made me readdress, pretty much everything, especially, what makes me happy, what I want from life, who I want to be… and so on, so on.
The consistent thing, apart from Blossom, is that I like laughing.
I like making people laugh and I like the emotion that comes with finding things funny, so, a week ago, I started telling jokes.
Awful jokes! Terrible jokes! But jokes that have made me laugh and within the week I’ve felt, dare I say it, but, well!
I feel well.
I like finding a joke, I like recording the joke and I love, love, love the responses I’m getting from the jokes and for the first time, in about 3 months I’m feeling like Hannah again.
So, with all this in mind, I’m taking on #100daysoffunny
You get it right? 100 days of jokes? 100 days of laughs? 100 days of light-hearted nonsense?
100 days of who blinking knows, ey?
Anyway, I’ve made a little vide of week one’s buffoonery and that’s over on my Hannah the Person Facebook page, if you want to follow this little journey I’m over at @hannah3phillips on twitter or @hannah_the_person on Instagram.
Here’s to the giggles and shits ey?


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