Happy 3rd Birthday No Run Intended

I cannot believe it, but, today marks No Run Intended’s Third birthday!
Three years have passed, since my friends and family received my ramblings on their Kindles at midnight.

So, it’s three years and two months since I woke in the middle of the night, on a hospital ward, in Prince Charles Hospital and realised that I couldn’t put my family, my body or my mental health through another pregnancy, ever.
I’d been hospitalised after my cervix had gone into shock from loosing baby number three.

I’d had B, B was perfect, I needed to pull myself together and stop ‘trying’ to get pregnant again. I needed something to focus on and a marathon seemed like the best idea ever whilst I was connected to a drip, listening to an elderly lady snore.

‘I’ll run a marathon, I’ll raise the money, I won’t get pregnant. I won’t get pregnant because I’ll be far too sleepy for sex, right?’ I said to a nurse who looked partly scared, partly amused.

I spent the next hour or so applying for a charity place, for London Marathon, with Bliss, on my mobile phone.

I spent the next two months writing No Run Intended, I wrote it whilst grieving for a part of my life that I’d never replicate, I wrote it whilst appreciating my perfect one year old, I wrote it whilst working out myself.

And then on October 3rd 2015 a little bit of my soul got put out there.

Then… my life completely changed.


And, over the last three years, I’ve made friends, found a brand-new tribe, I’d like to think I’ve helped people, showed people that anything is possible, but most importantly, I was brave, brave to think that me, Hannah Phillips, with the wonky vagina and shaky hands had a story to tell.

No Run Intended has taught me so many things over the last three years, I couldn’t possibly begin to convey it in a blog. What I can convey though, is that, I’m so bloody grateful that 90% of you have loved it, that most of you have identified with parts of it, that you’ve recommended it, that it has played a little part in your journeys and that it’s still teaching me, showing me, and heling me.

The next part of the chapter see’s me take it on stage, which both terrifies and amazes me!

Anyway, I couldn’t let this day go unmentioned, could I?

Happy Bloody Birthday NRI! Here’s to many more!


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